1. Most micro-organisms cannot be seen without a ...
2. Which of these is NOT true about micro-organisms? 
They are all harmful
They feed and grow
They reproduce
3. What is yeast used for?
To cure chickenpox
To make bread rise
To make yoghurt
4. Why should cooked and uncooked foods be stored separately?
Because bacteria only like cooked food
Because bacteria only like uncooked food
To stop bacteria spreading from one to the other
5. Which of these is NOT caused by a micro-organism?
A sprained ankle
Tooth decay
6. Which of these micro-organisms is useful? 
Bacteria that decompose leaves
Chickenpox virus
7. Which of these micro-organisms is harmful?
Bacteria in yoghurt
Fruit mould
8. Bacteria and viruses are both types of micro-organisms. Which is smaller?
They are both the same size
9. Cleaning your teeth regularly helps prevent tooth decay because ...
Micro-organisms don't like the taste of toothpaste
Brushing removes sugar that micro-organisms like to eat
Brushing removes all micro-organisms from your mouth
10. Which of these is true?
Micro-organisms are all around us
Micro-organisms are only found in the kitchen
All micro-organisms cause illness